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Welcome to FSU-Teach!

This innovative and collaborative program between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education allows you to expand your understanding of your science or mathematics major, explore the possibility of becoming a mathematics or science teacher, and develop a deep knowledge of teaching.

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FSU-Teach rests on the collaboration between science, mathematics and education faculty at Florida State University, as well as teaching experts in local schools, to simultaneously prepare you for a career in a science or mathematics profession, and the teaching of science or mathematics.


Try it out for free


Enroll in the first and second FSU-Teach courses – which are designed to get you in the classroom and working with students – and we'll reimburse your in-state tuition!


Earn a double major


Students who complete FSU-Teach graduate with a double major – one in a content area, such as biology or mathematics, and one in teaching – and are able to do so in four years.


Take advantage of lots of personal and financial support


Personal support is provided by master teachers (FSU faculty members who are teaching veterans), mentor teachers (local K-12 teachers) and FSU-Teach faculty.

Financial support is available through federal loans and grants, as well as FSU-Teach scholarships and internships.


Enhance your job opportunities


Graduate from the FSU-Teach program and pass the state teacher-certification exam and you’re practically guaranteed to quickly find a job as a mathematics or science teacher.


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